Saradzhyan: View from Global Tank (saradzhyan) wrote,
Saradzhyan: View from Global Tank

What U.S. Gets Wrong (or Wrongly Claims About) Russia

Some graphs to illustrate  some of the points in my HuffPo piece on what U.S. leaders and policy-shapers get wrong (or wrongly claim about) Russia

Russia’s population is declining: Former deputy U.S. Treasury secretary Roger Altman asserts that “a lot of people misunderstand how profoundly weak Russia is.” In Altman’s view, “Russia is on the edge with “its population is small and declining, life expectancy is falling.” Jeffrey Gedmin of Georgetown University too sees negative demographic trends in Russia, arguing that “in Mr. Putin's Russia, infant mortality is up and life expectancy is down.” But here's World Bank's data says about Russia's population, showing that the opposite of Mr. Altman's and Mr. Gedmin's claims are true:


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